Your Entire Social Media Campaign in 5 Minutes a Day

ChatterJet delivers customers, content ideas, and conversation starters to small businesses each day – no matter where they are or what they sell.

Businesses today are overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks that make their operations run, yet many know they should be doing something on social media. Few have the time to learn or implement another skill into their already busy schedules.

Enter: ChatterJet.

ChatterJet was created with those companies in mind – the ones that don’t have the time, budget, or know-how to get the social media ball rolling.

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What is ChatterJet?

ChatterJet is the first social media prospect and content generator designed specifically with small businesses in mind. Users can sign up as a dry cleaner in Columbus, Ohio or a car mechanic in Omaha, Nebraska, and each morning our service will deliver an email full of articles to share, conversation starters to post, online marketing ideas to consider, and potential customers to connect with.

Why was ChatterJet created?

Through his work with small- and medium-sized businesses around Central Ohio, co-founder Matthew Russo identified three major pain points organizations faced when trying to “do” social media:

  • “We don’t know where to start.”
  • “We don’t have time to do this.”
  • “We don’t have the budget to pay someone to do it for us.”

With these three issues in mind, Russo set out with technical co-founder Bryce Thornton to automate the process of delivering qualified leads and interesting content to users around the country at a price point that fit their marketing budgets.

How Does It Work?

Ninety percent of social media is knowing where to look and deciding what to do with the findings. Utilizing a proprietary content discovery & ranking technology in tandem with social media best practices, ChatterJet delivers succinct, timely, and relevant information to businesses across the country each morning in a simple, actionable email.
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How Is It Different?

ChatterJet is the first service to focus on the preferences, interests, desires and needs of a business’s ideal customer.

And with simplicity at its forefront, ChatterJet allows users to link their social media profiles to their account once and post articles or reply to followers each day directly from the email with a single click.

No more passwords to remember or string of websites to sign into each day. ChatterJet allows you to focus on what matters most:  connecting with people and sharing ideas quickly and easily.

What’s Next?

The demand for a service that streamlines the social media process has been overwhelming. ChatterJet’s primary focus is to continually improve its single-user functionality for small businesses, though an agency version that manages multiple accounts is also in the works.