Use Online Advertising to Grow Your Audience

We are big believers in social media – especially for certain types of businesses and industries. We use tools like Twitter and Facebook to connect and interact with people every single day, and we have seen it convert extremely well. But we would be lying if we told our readers that social media was the [...]

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Bring Your Offline Efforts Online

We have a confession: ChatterJet is in a relatively unique situation. Unlike many of our blog readers, our business exists entirely online. All of the content we generate (blog posts, e-books and newsletters) exist exclusively online in various digital formats to accomplish three objectives: drive traffic to our website, grow our mailing list, and show [...]


Use LinkedIn and Quora to Generate Business

Facebook and Twitter get a lot of coverage these days because of their enormous reach. Everyone and their mom (quite literally) now has a Facebook account and Twitter continues to pick up steam, even with the younger demographic. “So if millions of people use Twitter and Facebook, our business should use those sites, too – [...]


Listen for Customers on Twitter

Numbers are vitally important to every small business. Your ability monitor and track key metrics, costs, and revenues help determine how successful your business has been and will be in the future. But in today’s social media environment, there is one metric that is grossly overemphasized: Number of Followers. The baseline for many social media [...]


Craft an Unforgettable Story for Your Business

Good storytelling has become an essential skill for businesses in the digital age. Yes, there is great value in optimizing your website and blog posts for the search engines. But you know what? Search engines don’t buy your product or service. So unless you tell a story that customers (a.k.a. – human beings) believe, you’re [...]