Social Media Best Practices, in One Email a Day

ChatterJet delivers all the tools and resources you need to effectively launch and run social media campaigns that will turn strangers into friends, friends into fans, and fans into customers.

Each daily email is is filled with:

  1. Today’s Top Headlines – Follow and share the most important and talked about articles in your industry on sites like Facebook and Twitter. We put you at the center of your customer’s conversations.
  2. Post Ideas – Say goodbye to writer’s block. Tap into our library of pre-written ideas and decide what to post each day. These ideas are automatically generated based on the day of the week, holidays, current and local events, and more.
  3. Tips & Suggestions – We add context to the content we send you each day. Use these suggestions to increase interaction, determine the best time of day to post, and consider ways to incorporate social media into your company’s day-to-day operations.

How the ChatterJet Headline Engine Works

Much like a traditional aircraft, the majority of ChatterJet’s oomph is generated by a powerful engine. This custom-built engine enables us to sift through the world’s newly-published content each day and deliver the most useful headlines as snippets to the small businesses that fly with us.

As a result, ChatterJet reduces the time it takes you (and your employees) to find, qualify, and distribute content ideas across your social media channels.

1.) Search
ChatterJet scours mainstream and specialty sites across the web for the newest blog posts, videos, tweets, events, and conversations.

3.) Qualify
Third, we analyze the most relevant content for you and grade it based on our quality score – bringing the most important & useful pieces to the top.

2.) Categorize
Next, we group all of the new content we find together – based on industry, location, keyword, interaction level, and more.

4.) Deliver
Lastly, we pack your bags full of great ideas and send them on a smooth flight to your inbox every morning – on-time, everytime.