The most common misconception about social media is that it exists to tell everyone else how great you are. In practice, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Brands who simply blast their fans and followers with promotions, emails, and links back to their site may call it marketing.

But consumers call it something different: SPAM.

Our Simple Solution

ChatterJet was built to help businesses succeed at social media by transforming them into useful resources their customers love to interact with.

Promoting your company’s sales, specials, and events is certainly an important piece of the puzzle. But research has shown that if that’s all you’re doing, consumers will quickly tune you out.

Effective social media means becoming an invaluable resource to the customers and prospects who need your products or services. ChatterJet keeps you up to speed on what is happening in your industry and city, and provides you with ideas on how to use that information across the most important social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Why ChatterJet Works

Our daily emails are packed with posts, ideas, tips, and trends that are highly…

1.) Relevant

Just because a post is popular doesn’t mean it’s useful to your customers. That’s why ChatterJet’s engine is always delivering the most useful articles specifically for your fans and followers.

3.) Tested

Our blend of articles, conversational pieces, original content ideas, and existing conversations is the stuff top brands are made of. Don’t believe us? Go ahead: look here, or here, and definitely here.

2.) Timely

ChatterJet emails arrive like clockwork each morning with the freshest articles, links, tweets, and ideas. Become a trend-setter and watch customers pay greater attention to what you have to say.

4.) Flexible

ChatterJet is highly customized to you, your industry, your city, even the day of the week. But we also build in ideas to get you thinking about producing your own original content. Think of us as your affordable social media coach.