It’s no secret: social media is here to stay.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are now mainstream platforms used by hundreds of millions of people each day.

Early on, social media was just a way for individuals to connect with friends, but the number of people (and potential customers) using social sites on a regular basis and the time spent on those sites are growing at record speeds.

Today, successful businesses – both large and small – are finding ways to leverage the power of social media to attract new customers, start conversations, and generate sales.

“But I’ve already signed up for Twitter and I set up a Facebook page. Isn’t that enough?”

Simply put: No.

More than just being “on” social media, consumers want (and expect) small businesses to establish a real presence there. In a recent Small Business Trends study:

  • 81% of consumers say it’s important for businesses to respond to a post,
  • 78% want to see promotions,
  • 74% want regular posts,
  • and 66% want to see pictures.

“So what should I do then?”

Social media is about more than just posting things to Facebook or sending out an occasional tweet. It is about building real connections with your customers online to increase your brand’s awareness, loyalty, and sales.

Like building relationships offline, social media takes time, effort and a commitment to add value to the connection 

ChatterJet integrates principles that grow your audience, encourage interaction, and put your business at the center of your industry’s conversation. This approach makes you a staple in the minds of your customers and go-to source for all things

“But I’m too busy running my business. I don’t have time for this.”

Accounting, advertising, meeting with customers, closing sales, talking to vendors, placing orders, running promotions, updating inventory, replenishing supplies, entering payroll…

There are already 1,000,001 things you need to do in order for your business to succeed. That’s why our system was built with you in mind: business owners who want to get ahead without wasting time.

ChatterJet helps your social media accounts take flight by offering a unique blend of current topics, conversation starters, and content ideas based on your industry and location to help you grow your fan base and expand your reach to new audiences.

ChatterJet delivers all of this through a simple daily email.

Just skim through the email, review our ideas, and pick which posts you want to share. Our system allows you to share links instantly, or add your own spin to the posts to target your audience even further.

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